2016: Brooke’s favorites!

2016 is over in less than 48 hours!!! I think we are all ready for this year to come to a close, but reflecting back I truly had some amazing moments throughout the year! Starting the year working aboard a cruise ship, and ending the year living back at home with my parents, 2016 has a huge spectrum of unforgettable memories.

Here’s 10 of my favorite 2016 memories!


1. Drinking a Monkey La La every Wednesday like that was a normal thing.

Ohhhh Roatan, Honduras. The island where my friends and I impromptu zip-lined twice, drank Monkey La La’s consistently, snorkeled in some of the clearest water and ate iguana!! (Eh, don’t recommend eating iguana if you don’t like seeing feet on your plate.) Roatan is beautiful.  And I swear by Monkey La La’s. If I was to become an alcoholic one day, it would be because I moved to Roatan and had access to Monkey La La’s every day. I guess it’s basically like a mudslide, except better because you are drinking it while looking at beautiful views, and the name is way cooler.

Monkey La La’s on the beach.

We’re a bunch of Monkeys.

Beautiful Roatan.

Did my first ever front flip off that diving board… and severely bruised my butt.

Snorkeling ❤

My all time favorite photo of my friend Carlos and I!

How beautiful!

Zip-lining upside down because I’m an expert.

2. The Margaritas in Cozumel

Okay I swear this whole post isn’t going to be about my favorite alcohol in different locations, but really if you are in Cozumel, you should take a visit to The Thirsty Cougar. Literally the biggest margaritas ever, like the size of your face, and they are delicious. They might have good food there too, but I’ll be honest, I just went for the huge margs. (Also got my belly button pierced in Cozumel, wasn’t the smartest decision (infection, thanks Mexico) but it’s a memory I will never forget haha)


I think this photo explains everything.

I ALSO SWAM WITH DOLPHINS IN COZUMEL! It was amazing. They are such beautiful creatures.

3. Mom & Grandma cruised with me!!

If you’ve ever worked on a cruise ship, you will understand how sucky it can be sometimes. Never a single day off, and you’re doing the same thing over and over. Luckily my mom and grandma surprised me and booked a cruise on my ship and I was able to spend a week with them! (In between working, obviously.) Also, Brynn was able to meet us for brunch before they headed to the airport! It made me miss my family even more, but having them visit helped me get through the remaining three months of my contract!

Grandma and I in Cozumel

Okay so maybe all margaritas are huge in Mexico? haha

Airboat riding in Belize! Couldn’t miss this photo op, clearly.

You betta Belize it!

OF COURSE I made them drink Monkey La La’s.

In beautiful Roatan.

Those two luckies had a balcony room! Definitely the way to go. I guess anything is better than the crew cabins though…

Charlie’s Angels!

4. Santorini… oh sweet Santorini.

If I could have a vacation home to frequently visit, it would be in Santorini. Have you ever been there? If you haven’t, you MUST make it a goal of yours. It is SO BEAUTIFUL! Everything in Greece is cheap, and Santorini is amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend too much time there, but I can only imagine the beauty that surrounded the areas that I did see. Please promise me you will add Santorini to your bucket list. It won’t disappoint.

Donkey donkey donkeyyyyy riiiidddeeeeee.

❤ ❤


Cheap beer and cheap gyros. YUM!

5. I was constantly dressed up as a different character, and it was awesome.

I never thought the favorite part of my job on the ship would be dressing up. But it totally was. I was a pirate, dolphin, parrot, sailor, Greek goddess, and Spanish dancer. It was incredibly fun to be a pirate in the morning, and then guests would see me as a photographer that night. They were always doing double takes and then asking if I was also a pirate. It was like I had a hidden identity, and it was amazing. And as a dolphin I could dance my normal stupid Brooke dances but for some reason it was acceptable as a dolphin with my face hidden… it’s okay. I’m not upset about it.







6. Oh, and then I fell in love with Norway. And my family who lives there!

Our yearly European adventure was kickstarted by less than 24 hours in London, and then heading to Norway. O.M.G. Norway. Seriously, everything the USA tries to do, Norway does better. I had the best cheeseburger of my life in Norway. Pizza that was way better than Chicago pizza. And the scenery is breathtaking. Norway is a country I will definitely be visiting many, many, many more times. And you should too! We still have family out there, and they are so sweet and fun! So thankful for Facebook to help us stay connected, otherwise that connection might have been lost many years ago!

Tower Bridge!

I was really excited that the hostel was full of purple! 🙂

Our wonderful Norwegian family!

This is still one of my favorite photos ever… hahaha

Such a bunch of goofs, I love them!


Trains! We love trains.

My mom’s cousin was married in this church. Amazing isn’t it?!

Fjords. Nothing better than a beautiful fjord.

7. Seeing Norwegian Sweaters in Norway, eating Swedish Meatballs in Sweden and French Fries in France… And realizing they are just considered “Sweaters, Meatballs and Fries.”

We thought that joke was so funny. “OMG look at that awesome Norwegian sweater!” “Hey, we’re in Norway, it’s just a ‘sweater’ here.” It didn’t get old in our minds. And it’s still funny right now to me. Hahaha. In France, I told the waiter I wanted fries, and he goes “French Fries?” And I had to keep the laughter to myself and just said “yes.” But shouldn’t he know they are french fries? We are in France. And you are a Frenchman. Obviously I want some of them french fries!! Oh and also, if you go to Poland, ex-nay the Polish dumplings. They aren’t good, no matter how many times you try them. And seeing pictures of them will still make you gag.

Also, Norwegian Wedding Cake… a.k.a. Kransekake

Meatballs… much better in Sweden! 😉

Yes please, I’ll have some French fries.

8. Hiking to a glacier in July with Momma and Dadda!

I’m sure the majority of Coloradans have already hiked St. Mary’s Glacier, but if you haven’t, it is a sight to see! We hiked there in July, but the glacier was still in full swing. People were even snowboarding down it! It was crazy. On one end, teenagers were cliff diving into the water, and on the other end they were sitting in trash bags and sliding down the glacier. In my mind that perfectly sums up Colorado: enjoying all the seasons in just one day! It’s an easy hike, and it’s an enjoyable view. Definitely recommended for a fun day!

Dogs swimming and people skiing!

Snow in July

Such a beautiful day!

9. Seeing my Spanish family again, and my favorite Spaniard!

Life isn’t being spent well if you don’t have more than a few trips to Europe in one year, right? 😉 In September I went to go visit my Spanish family! It was so great to see them. Those little girls are my life, and I don’t think I can go a year without seeing them, they are growing up too fast! Being back in their home for a little while felt so natural! I swear, there is more than half of my heart that has been left in Spain. With that being said, I spent time with my favorite Spaniard while there as well! We had a weekend getaway to the beach, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Seriously in love with Spain. Everything about it. I could go on and on and on. But I think you just need to experience it for yourself. 🙂

They are so grown up!!!!

Don’t mind me plugging my nose over here…

My little Spanish sisters ❤

I mean, of course we need a bathroom selfie right?

We found a giant Lego man!

Model pose for sure 😉

We used to come to this breakfast place for language exchange meetings together! So yummy, and so cheap! 

10. My best friend married the love of her life!

And I couldn’t be happier for her! 2016 was a very special year for her, and I love seeing her happy with her little family. It was so special to celebrate their special day, and the wedding was flawless! I love you to pieces Ash.

Umm is she not a freaking GORGEOUS bride or what?!


Besties forever.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh 2016. You’ve been good, you’ve been fun… but you’ve also been terrible at times. One thing is for sure: 2016 is over. Those memories will forever be cherished, and so will many, many more. (I just couldn’t bore you for THAT long.) 😉

This year I was blessed with a year full of travel, adventures and lifetime memories. I hope 2017 brings more!

Bring it on, 2017!!!!

❤ lil b






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