The Sisters

Hey Errybody! We’re The Sisters, Brynn and Brooke. We have been so fortunate in our lives and were born into a family with not only an obsession with travel, but the benefits to do so. Before you think we’re some rich kids whose parents buy us tickets to Cancun for Spring Break, hear us out. Our mom works for the airlines (first Continental, now smaller Frontier Airlines) and we consider ourselves “Airline Brats”–a lesser known branch of the service. That being said, we get great discounts on airfare, but we do have to find good deals when we are abroad. In other words, we’re ballers on a budget–and I’m sure that part is easy to relate for most people. This blog is to show how even average Jills (working that 9-5 job) can see the world.

Enjoy! ❤

Brynn is my big sister. She’s been on this earth two and a half more years than me, and teaches me everything I need to know. Whether it’s how to get past Snorlax in Pokemon Red Version, how to get boys to like me, or how to pack my suitcase, she covers it all. My sis has a degree in Anthropology and is now working as a travel agent. With that being said, she uses her to-legit-to-quit travel agent skills and plans our trips. And she’s dang good at it! She’s got a traveling soul that inspires me to get out there and do things and learn things. What I love about her most is I can ask her anything (whether or not it’s the most ridiculously stupid question ever) and she will answer it no problem. Brynn understands me better than anyone I know, and this is why she’s the best travel partner I could ever ask for. With her by my side, I can travel the world. And that is exactly what I plan to do. ❤
My little sister, Brooke. Photographer, dreamer, don’t-doubt-me-because-I’ll-do-exactly-that go-getter. This woman has been my best friend from birth and there isn’t anyone who puts up with my crap like she does. She is a talented photographer and I like to keep her around to decorate my house with travel photos she has taken during our trips. Her most recent passion is the Spanish language, and she flourishes in it. She lived in Alcalá de Henares–a suburb of Madrid–for 10 months, and just like Howard Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory (my favorite show, I will continuously reference it) it’s all she has talked about since. She’s intelligent, funny, and shares my desire for travel and knowledge.

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