How Living Abroad Changes You

Sometimes life throws you curveballs, and sometimes life just feels so dormant. I’m not used to staying in one spot, I’m normally always on the move… someone once described it that “I never let the grass grow under my feet.” And that felt so true! But lately? I feel like I’m stuck in mud. And […]

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Just Me, Myself and I

So your friends bailed and you don’t know if you should continue to go on this trip alone or not. Here’s the answer. DO IT. While it is super wonderful to be able to travel with a close group of friends, there is so much to learn about exploring something for the first time all […]

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Quit Daydreaming, JUST GO.

It has come to my attention that Americans do not know how to travel on a budget. The most exciting thing about Europe is that it is entirely tangible for everyone from the well traveled to the first timers. Europe is a modge podge of culture, experiences, and landscapes. From the beautifully rainy cliffs of […]

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Trip of a Lifetime

When I was a young lass, my mother had this great idea to promise my sister and I a trip of a lifetime for our 16th birthday. We had a few years to think about a destination and whatever we chose is where she would take us. Alright. What kid would ever say no to […]

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When Brooke and I were in middle school and the early years of high school, mom decided to start taking us on “day trips”. She realized that taking us out of school for a long period of time was now frowned upon once we were out of elementary school. So, we would take the first […]