Where We’ve Been–Way Back When

Brooke and I were raised by our wonderful, loving father and our equally as loving, travel-obsessed mother. It was our mom who has given us this crazy passion and thirst for travel, and our dad who listens to our drawn-out stories with enthusiasm–however genuine it may be. From a young age, our parents have given us the world, and here is a few fun pictures from our elementary school adventures.

Cancun, Mexico | 1998
Brooke not happy about wearing her dress off her shoulders all provocatively. Brynn on the other hand, fully embracing her inner Mexican Fiesta dress!
London, England | 1997
London, England | 1997
Such a sweet moment photobombed by a goose.
Washington DC | 1999
Our first (and far from last) trip to our nation’s capital.
That’s Sasquatch on the right 😉
Washington DC | 1999
Mom forced us to eat hot dogs on the streets of DC and made us promise not to tell Dad.
chicago 2001
Chicago, IL | 2001
Hellloooooo sailor boys!
Disney World | Orlando, FL | 1995
Leggings as pants and a onesie. ‘Nuff said.
boston 2000
Boston, MA | 2001
A real live pilgrim aboard the “May Flower!”

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